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Our Mission

Our aim is to mentor disaffected children and young adults with any social, behavioural or mental issues, helping them to either understand there condition or conditions around them and giving them the knowledge of how a disciplined, focused, healthy lifestyle can move them forward positively, respectfully and productively
Iprovefit perform a non judgmental service to young adults where they come to us with a clean slate and using our background and knowledge, we aim to reset or improve their lifestyle through encouragement and honesty.
Iprovefit understands the need to be adaptable to situations and circumstances. This enables us to work within challenging environments or with challenging young people.

Improve attendance
Quit Smoking
Improve nutrition
Improve punctuality
Improve behaviour
learn how to effectively deal with stressful situations
Improve sleep hygiene
Increase fitness
Understand the importance of a balanced lifestyle

Physical Fitness

We believe that physical fitness is vital for young men and women. When our students join us, they will partake in a fun fitness program, which is challenging yet enjoyable. We carry out an initial fitness test and another at the end of the course to show our students just how far they’ve come. We feel that completing the fitness program gives the young adults a real sense of pride and achievement.


We aim to help young people improve their overall health and wellbeing, therefore, rather than focusing on just a balanced diet and the importance of exercise we also cover: smoking, drugs and alcohol too. When covering this topic we really want to educate our students and ensure that they understand just how crucial it is to have a balanced diet and overall, good nutrition.

Sleep Hygiene

Here at Iprovefit we want to share the importance of having a quality night time sleep, which ensures full daytime alertness. We teach some tips and techniques to having a great sleep each night. It is a time for the body to rest, before waking up and making the most of the following day. Without a good sleeping pattern, attitude and behaviour can change drastically, so we feel this is one of our main focuses.

Academic Learning

Here at Iprovefit we deal with students of all academic levels including those who may have physical or learning difficulties. We try to make academic learning fun, in which most of our teaching is completed through physical activities. Most of our teaching and guidance comes from our own personal life experiences, we feel this helps to build strong relationships between ourselves and the students.


We believe strongly in building structure and discipline into our students using our knowledge of health, fitness and psychology. Giving the students a clear understanding of good discipline and acceptable behaviour will prepare them for college, work and life in general. Working alongside colleges, social services and many other agencies we are able to adjust to a number of behavioural issues and act appropriately.


Here at Iprovefit we provide small tests for individuals that cover a range of criteria’s and enable students to pass and gain their certificates. Our teaching styles are very hands-on and active, mostly through team sports as we feel this enhances better communication. We make clear that this will cross over with every-day life scenarios and will be highly beneficial.

James Cheriton
Dedicated professionals who enthuse and practice their beliefs and instill their dedication into all whom train with them.

Dr GED Lombard
An organisation that is willing to listen to the needs of vulnerable and challenging young people, they work in effective partnerships to promote health, fitness, well-being and direction in life.

It is becoming more apparent that some young adults are missing the guidance and mentoring of reliable adults or role models in their lives. We aim to bridge the gap and mentor young adults from all backgrounds and various mental social behavioural difficulties ( including ASD, ADHD & ODD)

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